I'm Going AWAY!

Just to let you all know I will be away until the 30th September! I won't be able to check or reply to any emails until then!! Please feel free to send anything to fenscar@hotmail.com or mydressupbox@hotmail.com and I will try to reply as quickly as possible when I return! Until then… Some of my faves below xx



Love these images!


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suzan said...


Liliana Miguez Garcia said...


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Liliana Miguez Garcia

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Alex said...


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clarice said...

lovely photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting pictures. I particularly like the styles. I will be shopping later and I will definitely have your fashion statements in mind. Good thing Satch is on 60% sale http://www.satch.com.au/sale/! I think I will be buying quite a lot. Very inspiring blog.

Coco Dela Cruz said...

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